Washed Recycled Aggregates

10mm | 20mm | 40mm

Spec: BS EN 13242, Series 503 of the SHW
Held in stock: 10mm | 20mm | 40mm
Available for delivery: Yes



Brauncewell Quarries Washed Recycled aggregate contains no fines. It has been screened and washed to produce high quality recycled aggregate that meets criteria for ‘BS EN13242 Coarse Aggregate for Pipe Bedding, Haunching and Surrounding Material’ set out in Series 503 of the ‘Manual of Contracts Document for Highways Work’. Grading 20/40mm also meets the criteria for Series 503 Type B filter material.

Uses include: track and compound construction, back-fill, pipe bedding, drainage applications, decorative purposes and many more. With no fines present this product delivers increased levels of drainage.

Size gradings: 4/10m, 10/20mm, 20/40mm.

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